Mr. Rajasekaran is an all-rounder in Business. He has in-depth insights in Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, & Finance. With his diversified interests, he has been contributing to the growth of entrepreneurship within the promotor family. He has more than 3 decades of hands-on brass-tag experience in managing Distribution Business of Consumer Products, After-Sales driven Business & Trading Business. With his upstream competence, he has been able to augment the value-chain by setting up sustainable “Total Transport Solutions” that drives the logistics efficiencies across the value-stream.

Mr Rajasekaran is responsible for deployment of sustainable logistics solutions across the group. His customer centric approach has enabled KALS to reach the heights of Customer Delight. With over 30 years experience, combined with his intrinsic understanding of the regional networks, Pearl Transports has emerged as the preferred supply chain and logistical transport providers. He is committed to ensure that equipment, technology and systems are continually upgraded to guarantee that KALS’s cargo is delivered at the right place, at the right time and at the right price. Mr Rajasekaran – passionate Volleyball Player and he has keen interest in developing Human Capital – with his diversified knowledge, he has been able to squarely contribute to the growth of Volleyball as a sport – He was instrumental in setting up a grand tournament that created a first ever brand of Chennai Spikers and Beach Volleyball Tournament